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Bluestone Coping & Paving

Bluestone Wall Clading Bluestone Tiles & Pavers Bluestone Driveway Bluestone Backyard Bluestone Pool Coping Bluestone Coping around the Pool Outdoor Paving and Coping Tiles Steps made from Bluestone Bluestone is fast trending to be a outdoor paving and tiling product which has been widely accepted around Melbourne. As the photos suggest it gives a premium ... Explore
Pool coping Tiles in Bluestone

Bluestone Light Sawn Coping

Bluestone has a natural character which lacks in engineered or man made products. As you can see from the above pics, The pool coping layed in this bluestone light colour adds value and at the same time glamour to this beautiful pool. We at Marella Granite and Marble are one of the most reputed suppliers of Bluestone and other Natural stone products in Melbourne and our prices are very competitive and yet you are assured a quality product.

For any further information please contact us on 03 9077 5880 or visit us on 221 Settlement Road in Thomastown.

Bluestone Supplier in Melbourne

Bluestone Coping & Tiles – Custom Made

Bluestone Tiles and copers have the ability to change any environment to give an elegant and desirable look. As seen in the pictures above these bluestone custom made tiles have added glamour and luxury to this house. We supply a wide variety of bluestone tiles and coping and are experts in custom made orders. Please call us on 03 9077 5880 or alternatively visit us on 221 Settlement Rd, Thomastown and our friendly staff will assist in every possible way to make your bluestone shopping a breeze. 

Bluestone Bullnose steps

Bluestone Bullnose Steps Custom Made

Bluestone Bullnose steps Bluestone Custom made steps Bluestone 1450x350x30mm Looking for Bluestone steps but could not find the right size ? Look no further as we do order to make custom made bluestone for that perfect size. As you can see from the above pictures these Bluestone bullnose steps have been made for this customer ... Explore
Bluestone Pavers French Pattern

Bluestone – French Connection

Bluestone Pavers Bluestone French Pavers Bluestone French Paving These amazing Bluestone pavers in french style have been carefully laid to give this Alfresco a unique blend of style and elegance. Bluestone pavers are extensively used throughout Melbourne for their desiring appearance and practicality. We are one of the most reputed supplier of Bluestone in various ... Explore
Bluestone Paving

Bluestone Coping & Paving – Pool Area

Bluestone being a product of nature gives this backyard pool in Greenvale a vibrant effect. Bluestone comes in different sizes to suit various requirements and also comes with drop face coping to go around pools and for steps. Melbourne city council uses bluestone extensively for their paving needs in the city as it is not ... Explore
Bluestone Steps

Our Bluestone Range – Bluestone Pavers, Coping, Steps etc…

Bluestone pavers and coping tiles are extensively used in indoor and outdoor applications because of their unique beauty, sturdiness, and versatile nature. They are also perfect for areas frequented by people or are constantly wet and slippery such as pool areas, walkways, driveways, steps, bathrooms, kitchen and more. Bluestone pavers are also tested to effectively ... Explore