4 Tips to Use the Black Benchtop Trend to Your Advantage

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4 Tips to Use the Black Benchtop Trend to Your Advantage

Planning to give your kitchen a makeover? Whether it’s the colors or aesthetics, there are plenty of ways you can play around to make your kitchen stand out. Black benchtops, for instance, have been in the trend for a while and add plenty of drama and vibe to an otherwise normal kitchen space.

If you aren’t sure what will make your black benchtop in the kitchen come alive, here’re a few tips you can use to add a dramatic and fresher perspective.

Highlight with Lighter Shades

If you’re planning to use deeper tones or shades for your kitchen design, it’s always good to highlight paler colors to complement your black benchtop. This will not only help add ample illumination in the kitchen but will also bring out the darker elements.

For instance, you can contrast any white cabinetry with other darker elements alongside your black marble benchtop. Try highlighting your benchtop against a white wall to add a vivid feel to make it look stylish.

Make it Minimal

Whether you’re looking at black granite benchtops or one with a different surface, if you’re someone who prefers more of a simper design aesthetic you can experiment with a minimalistic style.

Try to create a bit of balance between your kitchen cabinetry and the benchtop you’ve chosen. Look for a unifying element that is simple and will seamlessly blend between the two.

For instance, you can use a black toned cabinet with knobs to resemble the color and texture of your benchtop. This will make it look like the black benchtops are a portion of your cabinetry and will create a minimal feel.

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Blend Different Textures

If you want to jazz up your kitchen interiors to go with your black countertop, you can try blending different materials and textures such as marbles, concrete, and even timber. Doing so will help you add a statement to your kitchen interiors.

Black marble slabs go well with splash backs. See if you can contrast the various patterns of splash backs to see what suits your choice of countertops and eliminate any monotony.

Experiment with Lighting

Lighting up certain areas of your kitchen space such as in-cabinet, over the ceiling, or under the bench can dramatically elevate the overall mood.

For black benchtops, try to experiment with various soft lighting fixtures and LEDs. Placing them strategically will bring out an elegant vibe to your space.

Whether you want to go first-hand with the dark benchtop kitchen trends or keep things simple, there are plenty of opportunities to plan ahead. By using the best of the aforementioned tips, you can bring a fresh perspective with your black countertops.

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