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Bluestone Pavers in Melbourne

Bluestone is a type of limestone formed by certain natural occurrences over centuries. Today, bluestone is widely used for pavements and cladding. Looking so naturally, bluestone gives a unique beauty to walkways and buildings. Blueish grey in tone it comes in various sizes and styles like Sawn, honed and polished finish. It is a preferred natural stone variety used for paving. We supply Bluestone for paving, tiling and also in coping form for that beautiful pool or steps you want to cover.

Marella Granite and Marble brings you the finest quality bluestone available in Australia. Adhering to quality standards, we offer you exotic bluestone options for your residential as well as commercial requirements. Our inventory has the best bluestone pavers in Melbourne at a wholesale rate.

The Best Bluestone Pavers Supplier in Melbourne

At Marella, we take pride in being one of the best bluestone pavers supplier in Melbourne. Marella is a leading supplier of natural stones and engineered stones in Melbourne inner and outer suburbs. We have several years of experience in sourcing and supplying the best stone solutions from around the world.

At Marella, you can find the best bluestone varieties which assure durability, quality with original texture and tone. We bring you pure bluestone, imported from the original source. Whatever be your requirement, whether walkways, pavement, flooring, decorative designs or wall cladding, our bluestone varieties will give you the perfect solution.

Bluestone Coping Tiles and Pavers in Melbourne

Marella Granite and Marble offers the finest quality of bluestone coping tiles and pavers for multiple applications. Pool coping is a major exterior use of bluestone. Bluestone offers stunning visual appeal and durability, thus it becomes an unmatched exterior flooring material.

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Get in touch with us today on 03 9077 388 for your custom quote. Our experienced crew will help to choose the right product for your project and will give you a highly affordable budget. Contact us now for an obligation free quote from Marella, the expert stone supplier in Melbourne.

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Bluestone Tiles and Pavers in use


Available Sizes



Bluestone Coping
500X500X30 Bull Nose
600x300x30 Bull Nose
600X300X30 Bevel
600X400X20/20 L-Shape
600x400x30/30 L-Shape
800X400X30/30 L-Shape
1000X250X30 Bevel
1000X250X30/30 L-Shape
1000X350X20/20 L-Shape
1000X350X30 Bull Nose
1000X350X30 Bevel
1000x350x30/30 L-Shape
1000X500X30/30 L Shape

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    Bluestone Coping Profiles

    Bluestone Coping 20/20

    20-20 Dropface Coping

    Bluestone Coping with 60mm Dropface

    30-30 Dropface coping

    Bluestone 30mm Bullnose Coping

    30mm Single Bullnose Coping

    Bluestone 30mm Bevel Edge

    30mm Singleside Square Edge Coping