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Below Stock is available  from our 1/21 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown warehouse.

Slabs must be viewed before purchase. No change-of-mind refunds on Clearance items. Some Slabs may have imperfections and are B Grade.

*Please contact “Chat” on 1300 175 227  for all the clearance products

Marble Clearance

Tundra Grey Marble
Tundra Grey Marble @ 1800x900x20mm - $499/1 PC ONLY 1 LEFT

Pearl White Dolomite
Pearl White Dolomite Honed @ 1800x900x20mm - $575/1 PC ONLY 1 LEFT

Calacatta Marble offcuts for Fireplace hearth
Calacatta Marble Honed 1950x700x20mm @ $550/PC ONLY 1 LEFT

Marble Offcuts
Sapphire White Marble Honed 1800x1650x20mm @ $599/PC ONLY 2 LEFT

Opal white marble polished 2100x1380x20mm
Opal white marble polished 2100x1380x20mm @ $649 inc GST/PC ONLY 1 PC LEFT

Calacatta Statuario Marble offcuts
Statuario Marble (H) 2240x570 @ $799/PC ONLY 1 LEFT

Volakas Marble Honed near me
Volakas Marble Honed 2940x1290x20mm @ $850 /Slab

Volakas Marble supplier melbourne
Volakas Marble Polished 2950x1290x20mm @ $850 /Slab

Calacatta Marble Offcuts for Vanity
Calacatta Marble Honed 1980x1100x20mm @ $850/PC ONLY 1 LEFT

Pietra Grey Marble Polished
Pietra Grey Marble Polished 2570x1760x15mm @ $880/Slab

Statuario Marble slabs and offcuts
Statuario Marble (H) @ 1750x950 @ $899 ONLY 1 LEFT

Arabescato Marble Slabs
Arabescato Corchio Honed 2350x1300x20mm @ $1100/Slab

Afyon White Marble Honed
Afyon White Marble Polished 2750x1280 @ $999/Slab

Saphire White Marble Honed
Saphire White Marble Honed 2850x1720 @ $999 /Slab

Atlantis White Marble
Atlantis White Polished 2750x1650 @ $999/Slab

Cheap Carrara Marble Slabs
Carrara Marble Polished 3000x1500x20mm @ $999 ONLY 1 SLAB LEFT

Cheap Carrara Marble
Carrara Marble Polished 2600x1500 @ $899/Slab ONLY 1 LEFT

Carrara Marble cheapest
Carrara Marble Polished 2600x1500x20mm @ $899/Slab ONLY 1 LEFT

carrara marble benchtop
Carrara Marble Polished 1800x1200x20mm @ $475/PC ONLY 1 PC LEFT

Manhattan White Marble
Manhattan White Marble Honed 3060x1940 @ $1185 / Slab

Clearance Calacatta Marble
Statuarietto Marble Polished 2800x1550x20mm @ $1199

statuario marble bathroom
Statuarietto Marble Honed @ 2500x1200x20mm

statuario marble kitchen
Statuarietto Marble Honed @ 2500x1200x20mm

Calacatta Marble supplier melbourne
Calacatta Grey Marble Honed 2980x1680x20mm

Marble Clearance Slabs melbourne
Crystallato Marble Polished 2880x2000 @ $1299/Slab

Tiles and Slabs melbourne
Calacatta Grey Polished 2980x1680x20mm

Cheap Marbles in Melbourne
Winter Forest Marble Honed 3100x1800x20 @ $1199 /Slab

Calacatta Brisa Marble
Calacatta Brisa Marble 2800x1550x20mm

Guatemala Green Marble Supplier melbourne
Guatemala Green Marble Polished 2830x1480x20mm

Opal White Marble
Opal White Marble Polished @ 2800x1700

Cheap Super White Dolomite alternative
Super Grey Dolomite Polished 2650x1600x20mm

Super White Dolomite best slabs in Melbourne
Super White Honed BLK7363 3100x1900x20mm @ $2699 ONLY 1 SLAB Left

Opal White Marble Honed
Opal White Marble Honed Slab No 2 3100x1500x20mm @ $499 ONLY 1 LEFT

White Marble Benchtop
Opal White Marble Honed Slab No 4 - 3100x1500x20mm @ $999 - ONLY 1 LEFT

Granite/Quartzite Clearance

Quartz/Engineered Stone Clearance

Pre-Fabricated Quartz Benchtop Clearance

Porcelain Slabs & Tiles Clearance

Travertine Tiles Clearance

Available Quantities for Travertine in number of Pieces

Ivory Travertine: 400x400x15 @ 572 pcs & 400x200x15 @ 613 pcs

Noche Cross Cut Polished: 600x400x15 @ 66pcs & 400x400x15 @ 25pcs

Wallnut Brushed: 600x400x15 @ 60pcs, 400x400x15 @254 pcs & 400x200x15 @244 pcs

Sunrise Travertine: 400x400x15 @ 572 pcs & 400x200x15 @ 613 pcs

Silver Travertine Vein Cut: 600x400x15 @ 100pcs, 400x400x15 @ 125pcs, 400x200x15 @ 149pcs & 400x150x15 @ 55pcs

Sahara Sand Honed/Filled: 600x600x15 @ 10pcs, 600x400x15 @ 24pcs, 400x400x15 @ 38pcs, 400x200x15 @ 30pcs & 400x150x15 @ 107pcs

Noche Vein Cut Polished: 600x400x15 @ 226pcs, 400x400x15 @ 126pcs, 400x200x15 @ 66pcs 7 400x150x15 @ 39pcs

*Please contact Chat on 1300175227 for all the clearance products

* Please note all benchtop, vanity top  or finished product images are for illustration purposes and the prices mentioned above are only for Material Supply. Please contact in store to get info about Fabrication and Installation quotes. Also please understand these prices are Clearance prices and the stock must be picked up within a reasonable amount of time or they might incur storage charges.


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