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Lithofin Products

Cheap Lithofin sealer supplier

Lithofin MN Stain Stop @ $47.50/500ML

Lithofin MN Stain Stop Plus

Lithofin MN Stain Stop Plus @ $91.00/Litre

Lithofin MN Builder's Clean

Lithofin MN Builder’s Clean @ $29.50/Litre

Lithofin MN Bathroom Cleaner

Lithofin MN Bathroom Cleaner @ $18.50/500ML

Lithofin OIL EX Stain Remover @ $43/250ML

Lithofin OIL-EX Stain Remover @ $43/250ML

Lithofin Care Kit PE

Lithofin Care Kit PE @ $53

Lithofin ASR Alkaline Special Remover

Lithofin ASR Alkaline Special Remover @ $45/Litre

Lithofin MPP Marble Polish Powder

Lithofin MPP Marble Polish Powder @ $66/750 gms

Lithofin MN Power Clean

Lithofin MN Power Clean @ $22/500ML


DryTreat Stain Proof








DRYTREAT 40SK @ $320/3.79Lts

Stone Sealers

Stain Proof Original is the very best at sealing bluestones both indoors and outdoors. Building facades, walls, floors, benchtops, showers, swimming pool surrounds, kitchens, patios – no matter where your bluestones are, Stain Proof Original will seal them best. We stock and supply all type of sealers and cleaners from Drytreat and Lithofin. Dry-Treat and Lithofin are one of the most reputed brands available in the market for all your natural stone sealing and cleaning needs.

Dry Treat Sealer

Dry-Treat impregnators provide superior protection.

  • Super oil and water repellence = superior stain protection.
  • Deeper penetration and permanent bonding = permanent PLUS premium protection from efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling and picture framing.
  • For indoor and outdoor use on residential and commercial projects on floors, patios, entertaining areas, facades, cladding, pool surrounds and walls.
  • The penetrating sealers even stand up to commercial cleaning techniques e.g. high pressure hosing and maintain the slip resistance of the surface.
  • Written 5, 15, 25 and 30 year performance warranties are available when our impregnating sealers are applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.
Dry Treat Stain-Proof Plus
Stain-Proof Plus

STAIN-PROOF Plus™ is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that protects natural stone countertops from damage caused by water, salts and oil-based stains. Treated countertop surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer. STAIN-PROOF Plus™ provides lasting protection for natural stone that comes with a 25 year warranty*.

Dry Treat Intensifia
Dry Treat Intensifia

INTENSIFIA™ is the ultimate combination of enhancer and sealer. Natural stone, masonry and other hard porous materials will have deep, long lasting color enrichment and premium water and oil-based stain protection.

Other Dry Treat Products

Dry Treat MetaCremePack

Dry Treat MetaCremePack

Dry Treat Porcelain-Plus

Dry Treat Porcelain-Plus

Dry Treat 40sk

Dry Treat 40sk

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