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Best Quality Granite Benchtops In Melbourne?

If you require the best quality granite benchtops in Melbourne, at Marella granite and marble we have the finest granite slabs and tiles available for residential or commercial projects. Whether you are newly building or renovating, our granite products can help you enhance the beauty and luxury of your interiors or exterior.

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Marella has a stored exclusive collection of granite slabs, benchtops and tiles to match the exact pattern and texture of your requirement. We have it all for your dream projects. Marella has been supplying state of the art natural stones to Melburnians for several years and today we are a reputable and chosen natural stone supplier in Australia.

Granite Kitchen Benchtops In Melbourne

Today’s modern kitchens are designed to match with theme and design of the entire home. We understand how important it is to design the kitchen benchtops to match the luxury and style of your interiors. Our granite kitchen benchtops guarantee style, elegance and luxury as each piece of granite in our inventory is quality-checked and sourced from the finest quarries in the world.

Marella, being a leading granite kitchen benchtop supplier in Melbourne, offers fine polished and premium quality granite solutions for your kitchen. Durability, surface-finishing and rich texture are our prime objectives.

Granite Benchtop Installation in Melbourne

Marella Granite and Marble offers wide variety of Granite slabs for your benchtops, BBQ`s, Fireplaces and also we offer tiles for outdoor and indoor use. If you are having hard time finding stone installers we can guide you through and offer introductions to some of the finest stone masons in Melbourne.

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We are always happy to assist you with your natural stone or engineered stone requirements. Dial us now on (03) 9077 5880 for details on our wide range of products and services.

Granite Slabs Gallery (Current Stock)

Best White Granites in Melbourne
Infiniti White Granite Polished 3130x1980x20mm

Snow White Granite Honed
Snow White Granite Honed 3000x1900x20

Snow White Granite
Snow White Granite Polished 3050x1900x20mm

Golden Crystal Granite
Golden Crystal Granite Polished 3200x1970x20

Amazon Granite Polished
Amazon Granite Polished 3120x1860x20mm

Black and White Granite Suppliers
Jet Mist Granite Honed BLK36541 3380x1880x20mm

Oscaro Mist Granite Polished
Oscaro Mist Granite Polished BLK38840 3200x1900x20mm

Oscaro Mist Granite Honed
Oscaro Mist Granite Honed BLK38840 3200x1900x20mm

Fusion Black Granite for Kitchen Benchtops
Fusion Black Granite Polished BLK7462 3150x1980x20mm

Fusion Black Granite Leather
Fusion Black Granite Leather BLK7462 3130x1970x20mm

Fusion Black Granite Soft Leather
Fusion Black Granite Soft Leather BLK6660 3120x1900x20mm

Titanium Granite Honed
Titanium Granite Honed 3270x1880x20

Cosmic Black Granite Polished
Titanium Granite Polished 3250x1900x20mm

Cosmic Black Granite Slabs in Melbourne
Cosmic Black Granite BLK6963 3350x1840x20mm

Taurus Black Granite
Taurus Black Granite 2900x1550x20mm

Oxford White Granite Polished BLK98 3200x1850x20mm
Oxford White Granite Polished BLK98 3200x1850x20mm

White Granite Benchtops
Oxford White Granite Honed BLK99 3150x1990x20mm

White Granite Slabs
Oxford White Granite Polished BLK83 3350x1600x20mm

Oxford White Granite Leather BLK99A 3160x1980x20mm
Oxford White Granite Leather BLK99A 3160x1980x20mm

Light colour Granites
Oxford White Granite Polished 2890x1950x20 BLK23

White Granite Supplier
Oxford White Polished 3040x1900 BLK35

Best white granite supplier
Oxford White Granite Polished 3350x1970

Black Thunder Skyfall Granite
Black Thunder Granite Leather 3300x1920x20mm

Spectrus Black Granite Polished 3220x2050x20mm
Spectrus Black Granite Polished 3220x2050x20mm

Black Thunder Granite Benchtops
Black Thunder Granite Polished BLK22840 3050X1900X20mm

Alpinus Granite Leather finish
Alpinus Granite Leather 3280x2040

Dallas White Granite
Dallas White Polished 3150x1900x20 @ $999/Slab

Romano White Granite Slabs for Kitchen Benchtops
Romano White Granite Leather BLK744 3350X1780X20mm

Colonial White Granite Slabs for Benchtops
Romano White Granite Polished BLK744 3350X1800X20mm


White Granites Melbourne
Verona White Granite Polished BLK38724 3050X1900X20mm

Verona White Granite Honed
Verona White Granite Honed BLK1591 3200x1950x20mm

White Granite Suppliers
Verona White Granite Polished BLK3106 3350x1900x20

Ivory Brown Granite Polished 3050x2000x20mm
Ivory Brown Granite Polished 3050x2000x20mm

Juparana Bordeaux Granite
Juparana Bordeaux Granite 3020x1880x20

Delirium Granite Polished
Delirium Granite Polished 3100x1900x20 @ $999/Slab

Delirium Granite Melbourne
Delirium Granite Honed 3100x1900x20 @ $999/Slab

Green Granite
Brisa Verde Granite Polished 3400x1850x20mm

Black Pearl Granite
Phantom Pearl Granite Honed 3500x2000x20

Charcoal Grey Granite Leather
Charcoal Grey Granite Leather 3350x1980x20mm

Charcoal Grey Granite Honed
Charcoal Grey Granite Honed 3350x1500x20mm

Kingfisher Granite Leather
Kingfisher Granite Leather 3400x1880x20mm

Verde Fusion Granite
Verde Fusion Granite Leather 2700x1700x20

Verde Fusion Granite
Verde Fusion Granite Polished 2700x1700x20mm

Black Galaxy Granite
Black Galaxy Granite 3500x1900x20

Blue Pearl Granite
Blue Pearl Granite Polished 3100x1500x18mm

Sahara Sand Granite Polished
Sahara Sand Polished 3220x1700x20

Alpinus Granite Polished
Alpinus Granite Polished 3280x2040x20

Marinace Granite
Marinace Granite Polished 3200x2000

Blue Dunes Granite
Blue Dunes Granite Polished 3230x1760x20

White Ice Granite
White Ice Granite Polished 2970x1950x20

Absolute Black Granite Leather BLK1522 3350x1850x20mm

Black Granite Buy online
Absolute Black Granite Brushed 3400x1840x20mm

Emerald Pearl Granite
Emerald Pearl Granite 3150x1620

Black Beauty Granite Flamed
Black Beauty Granite Leather 3080x1970x20mm

Blue in the night Granite
Blue in the night Granite 3070x1950x20mm

White Granite near me
Alpinus White Granite 3280x2040x20mm

Cheap White Granites Melbourne
Ivory White Granite Leather 3350x1920 @ $850/Slab

Affordable Brazillian Granites and Quartzites melbourne
Bianco Sardo Granite 3100x1880x20 @ $999/Slab

Flamed Granite Slabs Melbourne
Silver Pearl Granite Flamed @ 3100x1970

Cheap Granite Slabs in Melbourne
Oriental White Granite: 3110X1730X20mm @ $890 /Slab

Black Forest Granite benchtops
Oscaro Mist Granite Polished BLK700 3200x1900x20mm (Last Slab)



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