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Choose from the Widest Array of Dolomite Stones in Melbourne

If you are looking for a low-maintenance stone that complements your décor at an affordable price, Dolomite can be your best bet.

Dolomite, also known as dolostone and dolomite rock, is a sedimentary rock that is known for its aesthetics, durability and uncompromising quality. Its unique natural beauty is relevant to today’s design sensibilities. From striking countertops to accent walls, dolomite stone can work wonders across spaces, creating the perfect look for your entire house.

We can help you create your dream kitchen benchtop or bathroom with our premium Dolomite slabs. Our experts handpick the best quality dolomite from quarries around the globe. Whether you are seeking white, grey or the very popular Super White Dolomite, you are sure to find it at Marella Granite and Marble.

Dolomite Slabs (In Stock & Arriving Soon)


Dolomite is quite close in appearance to marble, as it commonly features streaks of varying colours and hues. In fact, Super White Dolomite Slabs are often mistaken for marble by those! However, dolomite has a wider colour palette as compared to marble, and can also be found in pastels such as pink, brown, blue, black and green, apart from grey and white.

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Care and Maintenance

Dolomite is a low-maintenance stone by nature, thus keeping up with it is super easy and convenient for homeowners. We recommend that you avoid using acidic cleaners which contain lemon, vinegar, ammonia or any other harsh chemicals for cleaning. Cleaning dolomite benchtops with mild PH Neutral cleaners or special stone cleaners can help maintain them in the long run. Use of chopping boards, coasters, and wiping off spills right away can help you prevent oil or red wine stains. Also, it is necessary to seal your dolomite benchtop to prevent staining and up keeping the sealant once every 6-12 months is highly recommended.

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