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Travertine Tiles & Pavers in Melbourne

Are you looking for a unique blend of nature and style for your interiors & exteriors? Well, travertine tiles and pavers will help to get that mountain-born beauty to homes and commercial places.

Travertine stone has a distinct fibrous, marble like texture and comes in earth-toned colours such as tans, beiges and browns. The fact that it is highly attractive and relatively easier to care for than regular sandstone makes it an elegant choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Marella Granite & Marble helps to decorate your interior & exterior floors, walls and benchtops with exotic varieties of travertine tiles and pavers in Melbourne. We have a good selection of high-quality travertine stones, such as Classic and Silver Travertine, Alabaster, Sahara Sand, Ivory, Noche and more. Most of our stones are available in multiple different styles. For instance, just for Travertine Silver, you could choose from French pattern, Tumbled, Filled & Honed finishes!

Being Australia’s well-known marble and granite brand, Marella offers the finest solutions for your natural stone requirements. If you need high-quality travertine for your project, feel free to reach out to us. We are committed to offering quality natural stones at competitive prices, and our experts will guide you to make the best selection.

Travertine Pavers & Tiles

Classic Travertine French Pattern 12mm

Classic Travertine French Pattern multiple sizes 12mm

Silver Travertine French Pattern

Silver Travertine French Pattern multiple sizes 12mm

Classic Travertine Tumbled 610x406x30mm

Classic Travertine Tumbled 610x406x30mm

Silver Travertine Filled & Honed 610x305x12mm

Silver Travertine Filled & Honed 610x305x12mm

Classic Travertine Filled & Honed

Classic Travertine Filled & Honed 610x305x12mm

Silver Travertine Tumbled

Silver Travertine Tumbled 610x406x30mm

Brick Pattern Travertine Tumbled

Classic Travertine Brick Pattern Cobble Tumbled 203x100x30mm

Travertine Clearance Stock

Alabaster Travertine Slab Polished

Alabaster Travertine Slab Polished 2720×1720

Travertine Pavers and Tiles

Sahara Sand Honed and Filled @ $55/m2

Noche Vein Cut Polished @ $49/m2

Noche Cross Cut Polished @ $49/m2

Ivory Travertine Polished @ $49/m2

Wallnut Travertine Brushed @ $49/m2

Travertine wholesale melbourne


Ivory Travertine: 400x400x15 @ 572 pcs & 400x200x15 @ 613 pcs

Noche Cross Cut Polished: 600x400x15 @ 66pcs & 400x400x15 @ 25pcs

Wallnut Brushed: 600x400x15 @ 60pcs, 400x400x15 @254 pcs & 400x200x15 @244 pcs

Sahara Sand Honed/Filled: 600x600x15 @ 10pcs, 600x400x15 @ 24pcs, 400x400x15 @ 38pcs, 400x200x15 @ 30pcs & 400x150x15 @ 107pcs

Noche Vein Cut Polished: 600x400x15 @ 226pcs, 400x400x15 @ 126pcs, 400x200x15 @ 66pcs 7 400x150x15 @ 39pcs


Travertine Paver

Travertine Melbourne

Travertine Coping

Best Travertine Supplier Melbourne

Travertine Coping Types

Premium Travertine Supplier

Travertine Coping Bullnose

Cheapest Travertine melbourne

Travertine Bullnose Coping

Travertine supplier

Travertine Coping Tumbled & Unfilled

Silver travertine melbourne

Silver Travertine 610x406x30mm

Silver Travertine French Pattern

Silver Travertine French Pattern

Marble Pavers in melbourne

Crema Platinum Marble Pavers

Marble pavers near me

Crema Novelda Marble Pavers 610x406x30mm

bullnose Marble Pavers melbourne

Crema Platinum Marble Bull Nose 610x406x30mm

bullnose Marble Pavers melbourne

Crema Plantinum Marble Pavers drop face 610x406x30/30

Travertine Classic Honed & Filled Tiles

305x305x12mm @ $75.90/m2

610x305x12 mm @ $82.50/m2

610x610x12 mm @ $90.20/m2

914x457x12mm @ $100.10/m2

Unfilled & Tumbled Pavers & Coping

610x406x30 mm

610x406x30 mm Bullnose

610x406x30 mm Tumbled Edge

610x406x30/30 L-Shape

800x400x20 mm Silver travertine

400x400x20 mm Silver Travertine

610x406x30mm Silver Travertine

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