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Travertine Tiles & Pavers in Melbourne

Are you looking for a unique blend of nature and style for your interiors & exteriors? Well, travertine tiles and pavers will help to get that mountain-born beauty to homes and commercial places. Marella Granite & Marble helps to decorate your interior & exterior floors, walls and benchtops with exotic varieties of travertine tiles and pavers in Melbourne. Being Australia’s well-known marble and granite brand, Marella offers the finest solutions for your natural stone requirements.

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Travertine Pavers & Tiles

Travertine Clearance Stock

Travertine Classic Honed & Filled Tiles

610x305x12 mm @ $59/m2

610x610x12 mm @ $77/m2

Unfilled & Tumbled Pavers & Coping

610x406x30 mm

610x406x30 mm Bullnose

610x406x30 mm Tumbled Edge

610x406x30/30 L-Shape

800x400x20 mm Silver travertine

400x400x20 mm Silver Travertine

610x406x30mm Silver Travertine

Travertine Tiles and Pavers Supplier in Melbourne

Marella Granite and Marble is one of the leading suppliers of travertine tiles and pavers in Melbourne. We offer elite quality travertine products at an affordable price. If you want to buy your natural stone or engineered stone in Melbourne, don’t think beyond Marella, as we are industry leaders with years of experience and expertise in supplying best tiles, slabs and pavers in Australia.

What is Travertine stone?

Travertine is a variety of limestone which is formed by constant mineral deposits at geo-thermally heated hot springs. Travertine is used as a natural stone flooring material for its hardness, rich texture and for the earth tone beauty. Usually, travertine is found in colors like silver, tans, browns, rust and beige hues. Travertine has been used in construction for a very long time.

Benefits of Travertine Tiles and Pavers

Travertine is suitable for both interior and exterior purposes. There are many reasons behind people’s love for this beautiful natural stone.

1. Style and elegance: Travertine is stylish and it gives a unique antique beauty to interiors. Naturally found in an earth tone, travertine offers multiple color choices and texture options.

2. Durable: Travertine stone is highly durable with minimal maintenance. Timely maintenance keeps the stone intact, but the weathering effect over time, in fact, gives an antique architectural appeal to these stones.

3. Versatility: compared to other natural stones, travertine stones are versatile. It comes in numerous colors, shades and forms, thus fitting to any purpose.

4. Cost effective: Travertine tiles and pavers are economical than marble or granite.

5. Fits both interior and exterior: Travertine tiles come in a few different forms like

Honed and Filled, Brushed and unfilled & Polished. Polished tiles are used inside the home, while honed natural-looking stone tiles are used for exteriors.

Why buy from Marella?

Marella Granite & Marble is a premium supplier of all types of natural stones in Melbourne. At Marella, you can get the best quality travertine tiles and pavers at the best price in Australia. We bring you an unlimited range of travertine varieties from Turkey that will match any color, design or texture requirement. Being the trusted natural stone supplier in Melbourne for years, today Marella offers the best quality natural stones and engineered stones in Australia.

Want to buy now?

Let Marella help you with choosing the right flooring solution for your interiors and exteriors. Call us now on 03 9077 5880 to know more about our services, stone varieties and for an obligation free quote. Please give us a call to see what one of the largest stone suppliers in Melbourne has to offer.


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