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Marble Tiles, Slabs & Benchtops in Melbourne

If you’re looking for the best marble variants in Melbourne inner or outer suburbs, we at Marella Granite & Marble offer you the right marble solutions that match your residential or commercial requirements. With its quality and elegant look, our marble will bring a luxurious visual appeal to any space in your home or commercial place. The luxurious appearance of marble will increase the beauty and value of your home. Homeowners, developers, designers and architects prefer marble for its exquisite beauty and durability. At Marella, we help you with the best marble tiles, slabs for benchtops in Melbourne.

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Whether you are looking for Calacatta marble, Carrara marble or New York marble we have all these variants stored in abundant quantity to help you complete your project, small or big. We are the most trusted supplier of marble tiles, slabs for benchtops in Melbourne and to keep up with the trust, we offer the finest quality marble slabs, tiles and benchtops to Melburnians.


Marble Slab Gallery (Current Stock)

White Marble for Benchtops
Afyon White Marble Honed EXL 3100x1950x20mm

Afyon White Marble Polished EXL 3100x1950x20mm
Afyon White Marble Polished EXL 3100x1950x20mm

Bianco Venato Marble Polished 2950x1750x20mm
Bianco Venato Marble Polished 2900x1750x20mm

Marble Slabs Melbourne
Statuarietto Marble Honed 3400x1450x20mm

Statuarietto Marble Polished
Statuarietto Marble Polished 3400x1450x20mm

Calacatta Marble Slabs Melbourne
Calacatta Massa Marble Honed 3150x1940

Calacatta Marble Honed 3200x1900
Calacatta Marble Honed 3200x1900

New york Marble slab price
Newyork Marble Honed BLK9701 2820x1900x20mm

Newyork Marble Polished
Newyork Marble Polished BLK9701 2820x1900x20

new york marble kitchen
Newyork Marble Polished BLK56663 2800x1500x20

Premium Calacatta Marbles Melbourne
Statuario Marble Polished 3100x1100x20mm

Calacatta Massa Marble Polished
Calacatta Massa Marble Polished 3180x1970x20mm

Carrara Marble Slabs for Benchtops
Carrara Marble Polished 3150x1750x20mm

Arabescato Marble Honed
Arabescato Marble Honed 3300x1400x20mm

Arabescato Marble Polished
Arabescato Marble Polished 3300x1700

Arabescato Marble Slabs
Arabescato Vagli Marble Polished 2700x1100

Carrara Marble Benchtops
Carrara Marble Polished 2700x1700X20

Statuario Marble Marble Polished
Statuario Marble Polished 2900x1600

Dyeus Marble Polished
Dyeus Marble Polished 2900x1850x20mm

Ceppo Marble
Ceppo Marble Polished / Honed3050x1400x20mm

Cheap grey dolomites in melbourne
Super Grey Polished BLK2919 2900x1850x20mm

Grey Marble Slabs for Benchtops
Super Grey Honed 2950x1500x20mm

Fior di Nuvo Marble Polished
Fior di Nuvo Marble Polished 3000x1900x20mm

Fior di Nuvo Marble Honed
Fior di Nuvo Marble Honed 3000x1900x20mm

Verde Alpi Marble Honed
Verde Alpi Marble Honed 2700x1650x20

Green Marble Leather
Guatemala Green Marble Leather 2860x1860x20

Guatemala Green Marble
Guatemala Green Polished Marble BLK1350 - 2875x1760

Green Marbles Melbourne
Guatemala Green Polished 2870x1860x20

Guatemala Green Marble Honed
Guatemala Green Marble Honed 2860x1860x20

Rain Forest Green Marble in Leather
Rain Forest Green Leather BLK 3118 3150x1830x20mm

Green Marble slabs in melbourne
Rain Forest Green Polished BLK3118 3130x1820x20mm

Rain Forest Green Marble benchtops
Rain Forest Green Marble Polished 3150x1700x20mm

Rain Forest Brown Leather Marble in melbourne
Rain Forest Brown Leather BLK3018 3080x1880x20mm

Polished Brown Marble
Rain Forest Brown Polished BLK3019 3080x1900x20mm

Rain Forest Brown Marbles
Rain Forest Brown Polished BLK2816 2850x1600

Blanco Dorado Marble Honed
Blanco Dorado Marble Honed 2950x1850

Blanco Dorado Marble
Blanco Dorado Marble Polished 2950x1850 Batch LP288

Blanco Dorado Marble
Blanco Dorado Marble Polished BLK 4492 @ 3000x1600x20mm

Blanco Dorado Marble Melbourne
Blanco Dorado Marble Polished BLK 4492 @ 3000x1600x20mm

White Marble for Kitchen Benchtops and Fireplace
Opal White Marble Honed 3100x1300x20mm

Opal White Marble
Opal White Marble Polished @ 2800x1700

Afyon White Marble Brushed
Afyon White Marble Brushed 2600x1500

Afyon Gold Polished
Afyon Gold Polished 2870x1220x20

Afyon White Marble
Afyon White Marble 2700x1730x20mm

Grey Marble Benchtop
Argos Grey Marble Honed 2640x1500x20

Grey Marble Kitchen Benchtops
Argos Grey Marble Honed BLK9946 2640x1500x20

Tundra Grey Marble
New Tundra Grey Marble Honed 2900x1700x20mm

Grey marble slabs for kitchen benchtops
Super Grey Dolomite Polished 2700x1650x20 @ $1199/Slab

Grey Marble Slabs for Benchtops
Super Grey Honed BLK2916 2930x1650x20mm

Grey and Gold Marble
Astana Grey Marble Honed 2950x1600x20mm

Astana Grey Marble
Astana Grey Marble Polished 2950x1600x20mm

Cafe Amaro Marble Polished
Cafe Amaro Marble Polished 2900x1770x20mm

Midnight Blue Marble Polished
Midnight Blue Marble Polished - 3000x1900x20mm

Midnight Blue Marble Honed
Midnight Blue Marble Honed 3000x1900x20mm

Black Marble Honed
Cloudy Black Marble Honed 2900x1800x20mm @ $799/Slab

Cloudy Black Marble Slabs
Cloudy Black Marble Polished 3000x1800x20 @ $799/Slab

Michael Angelo Marble Supplier Melbourne
Olympus White Marble @ 3040x1530x20mm

Volakas Marble supplier melbourne
Volakas Marble Polished 2950x1290x20mm @ $850 /Slab

Omega White Marble
Omega White Polished Marble 3000x1850

Burberry Silk Marble Polished 3000x1700
Burberry Silk Marble Polished 3000x1700

Diana Royal Marble Honed
Diana Royal Marble Honed @ 2680x1600x20mm

Diano Royal Beige Marble Polished
Diano Royal Beige Marble Polished 2700x1680x20mm

Bottachino Marble Honed
Botticino Marble Honed BLK207 2900x1500x20

Dark Emperador Marble Supplier
Dark Emperador Marble 2950x1750x20

Cheap Marbles in Melbourne
Winter Forest Marble Honed 3100x1800x20 @ $1199 /Slab

Manhattan White Marble
Manhattan White Marble Honed 3060x1940 @ $1185 / Slab

Pietra Grey Marble Polished
Pietra Grey Marble Polished 3000x1700x20

Delight Pink Marble Polished
Delight Pink Marble Polished 2700x1550x20mm

newyork marble supplier near me
Newyork Marble Polished 2770x1280x20mm

Oasis Green Marble
Oasis Green Marble Leather 3000x1750x20mm


Marble Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne

Marble and granite make perfect stones for kitchen benchtops. They are hard enough and durable and remain glossy for several years. At Marella, we offer an infinite range of marble and granite benchtops with large varieties of shades and textures. Let your kitchen look luxurious, classy and elegant with our quality marble kitchen benchtops.

Our specialties

Marella Granite and Marble is specialized in supplying the best quality natural stones and engineered stones in Melbourne. We are a favored stone supplier for our quality, affordability and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Elegance and style: All our stones are quality assured to give elegance and style to your interiors and exterior.

Fine polished: We provide fine-polished stones to give the best aesthetic appeal.

Cost-effective: Marella offers highly cost-effective solutions for all your stone requirements.

Quality-assured: Our stones and services are quality assured to give you maintenance-free luxury to your home or commercial buildings

Marble Benchtop Installation in Melbourne

Marella Granite and Marble is your one-stop solution for all types of marbles, granite and other engineered stones. If you are looking for a quality marble benchtop installation service in Melbourne, call us on (03) 9077 5880 for details on the best of our products and services. We offer stone fabrication service through third party contractors to help you find the best stone masons and fabricators in Melbourne. Contact us to get quality stonemason or fabrication service to complete your marble benchtop installation.

Note: At Marella Granite & Marble we offer our customers with a list of Stone Fabricators and can give you quotations on behalf of the stonemasons for easy decision making.

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure the quotations are accurate, we do not endorse any of the stonemason companies or take any responsibility for their workmanship and accept no liability for the same.

Types of marbles at Marella

Marella Granite and Marble offers various types of marbles and granites for residential and commercial use.

Calacatta Marble: Calacatta marble is known for its fashionable veins. We import the best quality Calacatta marble from trusted Italian Suppliers and provide you with unmatched quality marbles.

Carrara Marble: Get your Carrara marble from Marella and experience the quality of our products and services. Carrara marble is a favorite marble variant, widely used by homeowners and builders for interiors and exterior. At Marella, you can avail Carrara marble in different price ranges and patterns. We import Carrara marble from a place called Carrara in Italy.

New York Marble: New York marble is popular for its quality and unlimited pattern choices. New York marble can be used for a variety of home or commercial applications.

Buy today!

If you are looking for marble slabs, tiles or benchtops, dial us today on (03) 9077 5880 for an obligation free quote. Enjoy the best quality stones from the most experienced marble and granite supplier in Melbourne.



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