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About Marella Granite & Marble

Marella Granite and Marble is a leading Granite, Marble, Bluestone and other Natural Stone suppliers based in Melbourne. We are specialists in Granite benchtops and Marble benchtops.

We are the best supplier of marble benchtops in Melbourne and granite benchtops in Melbourne.

We directly import granite, marble and engineered slabs and tiles from quarries in Brazil, Italy, Turkey and India.

Complete customer satisfaction is the rule which we are strictly committed to. Our commitment begins with understanding the customer’s needs and requirements and make sure the final product is what you wanted.

Focusing our skills on maintaining right time schedules, total concentration on delivering quality products without delay, has made the company earn legendary fame in no time.


HONESTY – “Aspire to be truthful, sincere, and candid in all aspects of our business.”
INTEGRITY – “Strive to be trustworthy and honourable in our interactions with others and do the right thing even when it is not popular or easy. ”
FAIRNESS – “Endeavour to be consistent and even handed in our policies and procedures and dealings.”
RELIABILITY – “Dependable, and reliable as we follow through on our commitment towards quality of products and service.”
ACCOUNTABILITY – “Taking ownership and responsibility of our decisions and actions.”

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221 Settlement Road
Victoria 3074 Australia

Call us: 03 9077 5880