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High-Quality Calacatta Marbles in Melbourne

Calacatta marble is a rare natural stone that comes with rich textures and gorgeous veins. Calacatta marble is considered a high-end natural stone, which is favored by architects and designers for a variety of applications. The thick veining is what makes Calacatta marble, unique and beautiful. The visual appeal of Calacatta marble is unmatched and it clearly makes a fashion statement to your interiors.

Marella Granite and Marbles is a reputable natural stone supplier in Melbourne, We offer exotic varieties of Calacatta marbles at a highly affordable price. Imported Calacatta marble slabs, tiles for benchtops are available at Marella for homeowners and builders. Calacatta marble is rare because it is quarried at the only place in the world which is Carrara in Italy. Production of Calacatta marble is limited, thus makes it a highly in-demand natural stone. At Marella, you can buy Premium Calacatta marble at a competitive cost.

Calacatta Marble Tiles and Slabs

A large collection of Calacatta marble tiles and slabs are stored at Marella Granite and Marble. Imported from Italy, we supply the finest quality Calacatta slabs and tiles in Melbourne. Enhance your house or commercial property with beautiful and classic Calacatta marble. We also offer unique Calacatta Borghini marble slabs at Marella. Deep grey veining is what distinguishes Calacatta Borghini marble from other natural stones. We supply beautiful and premium quality Calacatta marble tile backsplashes to Melburnians.

Calacatta Marble Benchtop and Backsplash

Stunning Calacatta marble slabs in both polished and honed finish for kitchen benchtops and backsplashes are available at Marella Granite and Marble. Fine-polished to match your interior requirements, the benchtops and backsplashes bring in the luxury look you wanted for your interiors. Let your interiors look elegant and stylish.

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Current Stock

Premium Calacatta Marbles Melbourne

Statuario Marble Polished 3100x1100x20mm

Calacatta Marble Slabs Melbourne

Calacatta Massa Marble Honed 3150×1940

Calacatta Massa Marble Polished

Calacatta Massa Marble Polished 3180x1970x20mm

Calacatta Marble Honed 3200x1900mm

Calacatta Marble Honed 3200×1900

Tiles and Slabs melbourne

Calacatta Grey Polished 2980x1680x20mm

Calacatta Marble supplier melbourne

Calacatta Grey Marble Honed 2980x1680x20mm



Marble Slabs Melbourne

Statuarietto Marble Honed 3400x1450x20mm

Statuarietto Marble Polished 3400x1450x20mm

Arabescato Marble Polished 3300×1700

Arabescato Marble Slabs

Arabescato Vagli Marble Polished 2700×1100

Clearance Calacatta Marble

Statuarietto Marble Polished 2800x1550x20mm @ $1199

Carrara Marble Slabs for Benchtops

Carrara Marble Polished 3150x1750x20mm

Arabescato Marble Slabs

Arabescato Corchio Honed 2350x1300x20mm @ $1100/Slab

Newyork Marble Benchtops

Newyork Marble

Bruno Perla Marble Melbourne

Bruno Perla Marble

Calacatta Marble Benchtops

Calacatta Bhorghini Marble

Thassos White Marble

Thassos White Marble

Monaco Grey Marble

Monaco Grey Marble

Cassatta Marble

Cassatta Marble

Crystallato Marble

Crystallato Marble

Stone suppliers melbourne

Grigio Armani Marble

Opal White Dolomite

Opal White Dolomite

Saphire White Marble

Saphire White Marble

Silver Classico Marble

Silver Classico Marble

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