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Dolomite Marble Slabs and Tiles in Melbourne

Dolomite is a marble stone that performs like a granite. Dolomite’s rich texture and hardness make it highly preferable than average marble. If you are looking for the right stone for your kitchen benchtops, flooring, bathrooms or fireplaces, dolomite brings you the best solution.

At Marella, we offer the best dolomite marble slabs and tiles in Melbourne. You can avail excellent quality natural stones or engineered stones at Marella Granite & Marble for any of your residential or commercial requirements.

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Dolomite is widely used for interior and exterior requirements like flooring, kitchen benchtops, wall cladding etc. Whatever be your requirements like Calacatta marble, Carrara marble, Super Grey Dolomite, wide varieties of granite or any other exotic selection of stones, we have it all at Marella.

Why buy from Marella Granite & Marble?

We, at Marella, are proud to be known as the best marble and granite supplier in Australia, especially in Melbourne. Our reputation has resulted from years of dedicated service and our adherence quality and trust. We provide the finest quality marble, granite and other natural stones in Australia. We supply all sorts of natural and engineered stone slabs and tiles, bluestone pavers, travertine tiles and pavers, countertops, benchtops and much more. Marella is the true one-stop-shop for all your stone requirements.

Features of Dolomite Marble

Many homeowners prefer dolomite marble over granite or any other engineered stones. Let us see how dolomite differs from other stones.

A. Rich texture
Dolomite is rich in texture, hence looks beautiful. This visual appeal of dolomite makes it a chosen stone for decorative architecture.

B. Hardness
Dolomite is harder than marble. The hardness makes dolomite much more durable than some of other natural granite.

C. More resistant to acid
Dolomite stone is more resistant to acid when compared to average marble, thus making it the right option for kitchen benchtops.

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Buy dolomite in Melbourne, today!

Know everything about natural and engineered stones from the most experienced and expert stone suppliers in Melbourne. Dial us on 03 9077 5880 to buy top quality stones in Australia. Maybe you’re looking for Calacatta, Carrara marble or super grey dolomite? Melbourne homeowners – why wait? Call us today!


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