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Green is usually the go-to colour for those who wish to imbue their space with a tranquil and cosy vibe. If you have a thing for all shades of green, then you will surely warm up to green granite.

Known for its dark hues of green accentuated by gold or wood-coloured veining and rich patterns, green granite slabs are in high demand once again, with many high-end designers and architects opting to use these in their designs.

Green granite tiles can be especially versatile, as they can complement a range of light and dark colour themes. As with any other granite, this stone as well offers all the advantages of choosing granite, such as unrivalled durability and great resistance to scratching, staining and moisture. This makes it an incredibly versatile natural stone. Whether you choose to have green granite countertops or benchtops, it is sure to infuse your space with a calming, nature-inspired vibe. In fact, green stone benchtops are a popular choice in both contemporary as well as old world kitchen décor styles.

At Marella, our inventory includes many options for natural stones in green, including granite, quartzite and marble tiles and slabs. Our wide range of options makes it easier for you to pick a natural stone as per your budget. If you are eager to go green, feel free to call us on 03 9077 5880 for more information regarding our current inventory.

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