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Natural Stone Kitchen Benchtops and Splashbacks for cooking spaces always stay in style

There is a reason why natural stones command the hype that they do. Their stunning appearance and inherent variations make every slab equivalent to a one-of-a-kind artwork. Moreover, their durability and versatility when it comes to interior and exterior applications add to their appeal. It isn’t surprising then, that natural kitchen stones are a popular choice when it comes to kitchen décor.

Moreover, natural stone kitchen benchtops and splashbacks are also easier to clean and maintain, making them a popular choice among designers and homeowners.

However, with so many options available, choosing the right kitchen stone for your benchtops or splashback can be difficult. And here is where we can help.

Marella Granite & Marble offers a diverse selection of kitchen stones ranging from granite, marble, dolomite and quartzites for creating the perfect benchtops and splashbacks.

Granite is one of the most sought-after natural stones due to its robust and truly versatile nature. It is tough, has great scratch and heat and stain resistance, – making it an ideal choice for your kitchen countertop and splashbacks. Moreover, being available in myriad textures, patterns and colours it can complement practically any kitchen décor. It is easy to bring your kitchen benchtop colour ideas to life, with shades that range from white, grey, pink, green, blue, brown, red, black and more.

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Another popular natural stone for kitchens is Marble. It is a widely coveted natural stone all over the world due to its exquisite veining and opulent look. It also offers a wide palette of colours to choose from, when it comes to kitchen benchtop colour ideas, such as white, black, grey, green, pink, brown and even gold! While it certainly trumps on the aesthetic front, marble is more fragile than granite and prone to etching.

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Dolomite is another natural kitchen stone that is gaining popularity, due to its resemblance to marble. The fact that it is relatively harder than marble and also more affordable makes it an ideal choice for those on a budget. It is usually available in white, buff-coloured, tan, grey, and brown, though one might also come across pink, red and blue shades in some dolomite stones.

Super White Dolomite Kitchen Benchtop

If you are the type of person who feels a spark of joy at the sight of a beautiful natural stone kitchen benchtop and splashback, you are at the right place. We offer a wide range of natural stones that are mined from quarries all over the world. You can browse our selection of stones online, or visit our showroom in Thomastown, VIC, to find the best stone for your project. Our experts can assist you in selecting the right stone while keeping your décor and budget in mind. Once you’ve decided on a kitchen stone, you can have it delivered to your preferred stonemason to be fabricated and installed (delivery fees apply).

Building and renovating a kitchen that not only looks stunning but is functional as well, can be an extremely overwhelming task, but we are here to make it easier for you. We bring you the most exquisite pieces of natural stones to match your kitchen’s colour, patterns, and texture requirements. Get in touch with us to find the perfect stone for your beautiful-looking kitchen.

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