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Super White Dolomite in Melbourne

Super White Dolomite is a highly popular choice for residential or commercial purposes. This Dolomite is preferred by homeowners or builders for its durability, easiness in maintenance, beautiful look, style and finish and the resemblance to marble. If you are looking for the right stone for kitchen benchtops, fireplaces or even flooring, Super White Dolomite is a perfect solution. The natural tone of Super White Dolomite is either white or grey. It comes with stunning textures and finishing. The amazing patterns and swirls make it a favourite choice for designers and architects.

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Super White Dolomite Kitchen Benchtops

Super White Dolomite slabs are carefully selected during procurement to be sure we are providing utmost quality to our customers. At Marella Granite and Marble, you can order the highest quality Brazilian imported Super White Dolomite for your kitchen Benchtops.

Super White Dolomite is a Grey and White stone with light veining throughout to give the ultimate feel in luxury and exclusivity. Super White Marble is quarried in the remote regions of Brazil using high tech industry standard machinery and finished at the factories with precision tools to give the magic finish which our customers deserve.

All our stones and services excel quality standards and being a trusted stone supplier in Melbourne, we provide clients with outstanding natural stone solutions.

What is a Super White Dolomite?

Super White Dolomite is a metamorphic stone and originally, pure sandstone. When intense heat and pressure are applied to it, this quartz sandstone forms Dolomite. This natural stone is used for Kitchen benchtops, Vanities, BBQ’s and fireplaces for its hardness and durability. Super White Dolomite is a decorative stone that is highly textured by itself.

Best Super White Dolomite in Melbourne

We at Marella supply one of the best looking Super white Dolomite in Melbourne at very reasonable prices. Marella offers the best quality Super White Dolomite available in Australia. We source 100% pure and organic natural stones from various locations across the world and supply exquisite products to our clients with unparalleled customer interaction and service.

Apart from Dolomites, we provide all types of natural stones and engineered stones at a highly affordable range. Marella is one of the leading stone suppliers in Australia. We offer cutting-edge stone solutions for domestic and commercial buildings. Marella has been serving clients in Melbourne and suburbs for many years and today we are the most trusted and reputed natural stone supplier in Melbourne.

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