Tips to Add Iceberg Dolomite into Your Home Decor Themes

Planning on adding a natural stone to your renovation project? It sure is a wise choice. Apart from their stunning…

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Tips to Add Iceberg Dolomite into Your Home Decor Themes

Love a good home decor theme that’s a class apart? The desire to be unique is something we’ve all felt before. Your home is equally entitled to it. For a home decor that turns heads for all the right reasons, there is nothing more striking than an iceberg dolomite addition to bring out its beauty. With its contrasting white and grey tones that complement every shade of your furnishings and interiors, you have yourself a picture-perfect home that’s classy in every way.
Need ideas for your iceberg dolomite honed decor themes in your abode? Here are some we’re sure you’ll love!

Add in a statement wall

Bored of the plain old walls? This is your cue to add a stunning statement wall that draws the eye of every person visiting your home. The majestic beauty of the iceberg dolomite adorning your wall is enough to give your space an evergreen appeal. With contrasting shades surrounding the marble wall, the room is bound to look exquisite.

Add an iceberg dolomite countertop to showcase your decor

If you’re someone who loves showcasing their decor – whether it’s a vintage vase, a planter, or a sculpture – one way to give it a unique look is to add in the white and grey toned dolomites as a backdrop countertop. No matter what you place atop the iceberg dolomite countertop, it’s sure to have a hint of sophistication exuding from the backdrop.


Elevate your room pillars

If your home has pillars or columns, a great way to add iceberg dolomites to your home aesthetics is to adorn the pillars or columns with the stone. The hues of white and grey are sure to make these structures look like stunning additions for a premium look.

Make your fireplace a focal point

Have a lovely fireplace that needs upscaling? Adding the white and grey toned marbles to your fireplace will give it a much-needed charm. If you’re looking for a classy touch to make your fireplace a focal point, an iceberg dolomite is just what it needs.

Augment your kitchen aesthetics with a splashback

Your kitchen is a place that needs the most amount of protection from oil splatters, food splatters, grease, and more as you cook. An iceberg dolomite honed splashback not only saves you the pain of unwanted splatters gracing your wall but also gives your kitchen an opulent feel with the ethereal beauty of the splashback stone.

Have more ideas for home decor using the captivating iceberg dolomite? Share your vision with Marella Granite and Marble to give your home interior upscaling project a go!

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