Travertine Tiles in Brighton

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Looking for bespoke travertine tiles and pavers in Brighton?
Marella Granite & Stone brings you a tastefully curated line of travertine tiles from all around the world. We are home to an unparalleled selection of tiles, crafted to give your home a distinctive look. As a leading supplier of tiles in Brighton, you can completely trust us for offering high-quality tiles to make your dream design a reality.

A Complete Range of Travertine Tiles in Different Colours and Textures:

Featuring an impressive array of colours and textures, we have tiles that perfectly suit any property. With their rich texture and subtle hues, travertine tiles make the perfect addition for both the modern and traditional homes. Whether you wish to adorn your home with luxuriously rich and creamy colours or prefer a simple and sophisticated look, our collection is perfect for your home.

The characteristics of travertine tiles make it the ideal product for both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can choose from our wide range of tiles based on the exact needs of your space. With our significant knowledge and experience of travertine tiles, we are here to offer a carefully selected selection at prices that perfectly suit your budget. Whether you are designing a new space or upgrading the look of your existing home, you are sure to find stunning tiles in a variety of tones and finishes.

At Marella, it is our goal to offer a fulfilling experience for all our clients with our fabulous products. We are constantly looking for new products to upgrade our collection to bring you the best. Apart from the standard sizes available in Travertine and other landscaping products, we do special orders in various sizes and finishes. Our customers love special orders as they can have unique sizes for very similar prices.

Need help in choosing the right travertine tiles for your home? For all your needs for travertine tiles and pavers in Brighton, we are your one-stop platform. Please give us a call on 03 9077 3880 and we will be happy to help you.