Where Do Stone Wholesalers Source Their Stone

Ever thought about where a natural stone wholesaler gets their natural stones from? If natural stones are…

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Where Do Stone Wholesalers Source Their Stone?

Ever thought about where a natural stone wholesaler gets their natural stones from? If natural stones are truly natural, where do they actually come from? And how does the sourcing process work?

Natural stones can be obtained from virtually any part of the world. Although stones can be sourced from different natural settings, certain countries are renowned for supplying specific types of stones. For example, Italy is well-known for its marble quarries, while onyx is commonly sourced from various Middle Eastern countries.

Furthermore, similar to the Earth, natural stone is available in a diverse array of colors, textures, patterns, and shades, even if it originates from the same quarry. This is just one of the numerous appealing benefits of natural stone slabs: each slab and every use of natural stone in construction showcases a one-of-a-kind and distinct design that cannot be found in other stone slabs.

In such a way, the exclusivity of finding rare natural stones makes the sourcing process more interesting. Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the Basics of Stone Sourcing Process

First and foremost, powerful equipment and knowledgeable workers are utilised in stone quarries all over the world to remove and repurpose stone for use. Stone outcrops that can be examined are found by geologists at a quarry.

Using diamond-tipped drill bits, a sample of the stone is extracted from the rock. The sample is then examined to see if it possesses the qualities needed to be used as a building material. Work on removing any debris, dirt, or other obstacles that would otherwise obstruct the quarrying process starts as soon as final approval is granted.

The stones are separated from the quarry. The resulting large blocks are then brought to a facility where they will be further cut and processed. Once they’re extracted and processed, they’re then trucked to various stone wholesalers in other countries.

What Stone Wholesalers Actually Do

Wholesalers get big quantities of slabs in different styles. They then supply other distributors, construction companies, designers, and manufacturers with the natural stone they require. It’s a vital role in the industry that helps ensure that the right stone is available for the right project.

Where is the Stone Sourced?

Wholesalers can source natural marble stones or any other form of stones across the world, depending on the type of stone being sourced and its overall value in the market. For countries that specialize in producing unique stones, wholesalers can fetch those stones and make them available for use. It’s a vital role in the industry that helps ensure that the right stone is available for the right project.

How Do Wholesalers Deal with Imported Stones?

Wholesalers often import specific types and styles of stone from around the world due to high demand or because certain stones from special quarries offer greater hardiness and higher quality than other places.

Many quarries have developed over time into efficient and cost-effective enterprises that are deeply rooted in the local building and quarrying system. Wholesalers, considering the expenses and other factors involved in establishing new quarries, tend to choose established and reputable sources that not only offer lower prices but also have a track record of reliability.

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