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Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone Supplier Melbourne

When it comes to the best Bluestone suppliers in Melbourne, you can’t go wrong with Marella Granite & Stone. If you’re looking for top quality bluestone – we’re your first call! As a premier granite and Bluestone supplier in Melbourne, we’ve got a massive range of premium bluestone that is sure to complement any room of your home and please even the most discerning buyers. There’s no better way to enhance your interior space with beautiful Bluestone. Melbourne’s finest suppliers are Marella Granite & Stone, call us today!

Bluestone pavers can be used for a number of applications – but they’re extensively used for the indoors and outdoors for their amazing look, durability and versatility. Not only this, they’re an excellent choice for slippery areas such as pools, bathroom and kitchen because of their high traction. Bluestone pavers are excellent at withstanding wear-and-tear and damages from constant weather exposure due to their highly durable nature, which make them a sure choice. Are you looking for premium suppliers of Bluestone? Melbourne residents get in touch with us now!

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 Bluestone Special Orders

At Marella we pride ourselves in bringing the best quality products from all around the world. Apart from the standard sizes available in Bluestone and other landscaping products we do special orders in various sizes and finishes. Our customers love special orders as they can have unique sizes for very similar prices. We at Marella support and help our customers bringing custom orders to suit various requirements of their projects. Please give us a call on 03 9077 3880 to see what one of the largest supplier in Melbourne for outdoor pavers has to offer.

Click on the link below to view Terms and Conditions for Special/Custom order.

Marella Granite & Marble Special Order Terms

Travertine Supplier Melbourne

Travertine is formed from limestone deposited by mineral springs such as Hot springs. Travertine is highly used as building material mainly in tile form. Travertine comes in various sizes and can be used for tiling, paving and also coping around pool areas or steps. We supply Premium grade Travertine and custom sizes can also be ordered in.

Stone Sealers

Stain Proof Original is the very best at sealing bluestones both indoors and outdoors. Building facades, walls, floors, benchtops, showers, swimming pool surrounds, kitchens, patios – no matter where your bluestones are, Stain Proof Original will seal them best. We stock and supply all type of sealers and cleaners from Drytreat and Lithofin. Dry Treat and Lithofin are one of the most reputed brands available in the market for all your natural stone sealing and cleaning needs.

Dry Treat Stone Sealers


15 years warranty once sealed*. Please Contact us for recommended sealer and applicator.

* A 15-year performance warranty is offered when product applied by an Accredited Applicator following our written instructions and surface is maintained regularly using our written maintenance system, as outlined in our warranty document. Spills should still be cleaned up immediately to minimize absorption.

If you can’t find a product that you are looking for, please send us an enquiry

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Some recent projects where our exclusive Blue Stone slabs were used