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Carrara Gioia

The Carrara Gioia is an impressive marble often used in building monuments. The stunning marble is a result of limestone that is tempered through pressure and heat. A beautiful grey background with veins and spots of a darker grey, this marble is an epitome of elegance. Carrara Gioia is functional in all aspects while also being striking in its appearance and features. Where it was earlier used in crafting sculptures and more, its beauty has led to a rise in contemporary usage, with residential and commercial space designs becoming a more primary one.

The marble is known for its durability, being both stain and heat resistant and non-porous and non-absorbent. With its stylish and tasteful look, the Carrara Gioia is perfect for all your upcoming interior and exterior projects. Apart from being widely used in sculpting monuments, the Carrara Gioia marble is known to add sophistication to any space when used in designing stairwells, walls, countertops, vanities, and floorings.

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