Snow White Granite on Navy Blue Cabinets

Snow White Granite Polished – Kitchen Benchtop

Snow White Granite has a strong white background with elegant veins, It has the presence of a modern day marble with none of the usual marble drawbacks. Being a Granite it is resistant to staining, scratching and heat.

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Blue Dunes Granite Kitchen & Pantry

Blue Dunes Granite Island Blue Dunes Granite with undermount sink Blue Dunes Island with undermount sink Blue Dunes Kitchen Overview Blue Dunes Granite Pantry Blue Dunes Granite Pantry with Top mount Sink Blue Dunes Granite Vanity
Brazilian Granites melbourne

Infiniti White Granite

Get best design white granite kitchen marbles at best price. Browse Marella Granite & Marble and choose the best marble design that suits your kitchen. Visit Us.

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Jet Mist Granite Polished

Jet Mist Granite Kitchen island & cooktop bench Jet Mist Granite Kitchen Overview Jet Mist Granite with Timber combo Jet Mist Granite Kitchen Jet Mist Granite Sink Cutout Jet Mist Granite Island Bench
Dallas White Granite Benchtop for Kitchen

Dallas White Granite Kitchen

Dallas white granite is a glamorous stone which is durable and adds elegance to your home. We supply top quality stone in Melbourne with most satisfied customers.

Calacatta Marble Fireplace

Fire Places in Natural Stone

Beautiful Stone Fireplace Hearths for your home Hearths and fireplaces have always been an integral part of homes since forever. It is the place where families would gather, and spend time together while ensconced in warmth and comfort. Not much has changed today, and the fireplace hearths continues to be a cherished feature in Melbourne ... Explore
Granite Kitchen and island bench

Brisa Verde Granite – Go Green

Brisa Verde Granite Kitchen Brisa Verde Granite Kitchen with Waterfalls Brisa Verde Granite with Cooktop Brisa Verde Granite Splash Back Granite Kitchen with a modern Waterfall End Brisa Verde Granite Island & Cooktop Brisa Verde Granite Kitchen Brisa Verde Granite Kitchen Overview Brisa Verde Granite island and backbench Brisa Verde Kitchen Island
Fusion Black - Brazilian Charm

Fusion Black Granite Installation

Fusion Black Granite is a Dark stone with natural flowing gold veins through. This Granite in its polished form is absolutely glorious and goes well with the White cabinets and flooring. This contrasting kitchen with Fusion Black Granite Top is Majestic in appearance and adds elegance to this beautiful Truganina Home.

Sahara Sand Granite for external walls

Sahara Sand Granite

Sahara Sand Granite & Pure White Marble used as a Plaque Sahara Sand Granite 3 Wall Panels Granite Panels for Outside Walls 3 Granite Panels for External Walls Sahara Sand Granite
Ivory Brown Granite Kitchen

Ivory Brown Granite Kitchen

Ivory Brown Granite Overview Ivory Brown Granite Kitchen with waterfall End Ivory Brown Granite Kitchen Ivory Brown Granite with Waterfall End Ivory Brown Granite
Oxford White Granite in Honed Avatar

Oxford White Granite – Brighton

Granite gives you a sense of style, Glamour and Elegance to any Home. Our Natural Stone range has diversified colours to suit most home owners, Architects and Builders around Melbourne. As Natural Stone suppliers in Melbourne we take pride in importing Top quality stone from various quarries across the world. Fortunately for us our suppliers … Explore

Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Oxford White Granite Kitchen

This Benchtop is made of Oxford White Granite and features a 40mm square Edge. This Granite is installed on White cabinets. This gives a distinct look to the kitchen. Creams, gold, and grey flow through the benchtop on the island and  provides a very cook-friendly kitchen. The island provides a place to eat, prepare food, and socialize with family and friends.

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Sahara Sand Granite

This traditional BBQ with brick is beautifully complimented by veiny brown Sahara Sand Granite Benchtop with a 40mm Edge. The black specks of the granite play off the black appliances of the outside kitchen and the other black accents throughout the area. Dark hotplate complete this classic BBQ look.

White Granite Benchtops

Snow White Granite Benchtops

The dark wood on this island really sets the Snow White Granite apart. The wonderful contrast highlights the white and grey veins of this beautiful natural stone. We at Marella Granite & Marble pride ourselves in bringing the most unique and elegant Granites to Melbourne from Quarries around the globe. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of natural stone in Melbourne.

White Granite Benchtop

Bianco Romano Granite Benchtops

Bianco Romano Granite Kitchen Benchtop Bianco Romano Granite Kitchen Bianco Romano Granite with undermount cutout Granite Benchtop with undermount Sink Bianco Romano Granite White Granite Kitchen Bianco Romano granite kitchen benchtops are a perfect option for homeowners looking for a durable white natural stone. The light color scheme helps this kitchen appear spacious and illuminated even ... Explore
Jet Mist Granite Kitchen Overview

Black & White Granite Kitchen Install

This black and white Granite allows for so much versatility in this kitchen, as evidenced here. The black and white veins in the Jet Mist Granite play off of the white cabinets and the splash back looks incredible, looking great from any angle. Stainless steel appliances give the kitchen a polished look, and white moldings keep the colors separate while bringing the room together. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of Granite and Marble in Melbourne.


Absolute Black Granite Kitchen Benchtop

This new kitchen features one of our most popular granite’s, Absolute Black. This granite is very consistent and durable making it a great choice for kitchens. Absolute Black or Indian Jet Black is typically used against white cabinets as we see here. The addition of a modern hardware with under mount sink and a black Hotplate give this kitchen a contemporary look.


White Granite Benchtop

snow-white-granite-kitchen-benchtop White Granite Kitchen Benchtop White Granite Kitchen Benchtop These Snow White Granite Benchtops with a Square Edge profile will go great with almost any color. Simple lines let the granite speak for itself. Modern fixtures and a minimalist approach keep in step with the light wooden floor. Everything blends into one elegant kitchen. We are one of ... Explore

Pearl White Dolomite

This fun kitchen utilizes multiple colors and materials. The Pearl white Dolomite is a good contrast to the polished Jet Mist granite. The colour of the cabinets and the floor married to the stone tops bring vibrancy to the room. We at Marella Granite and Marble supply a wide variety of Natural Stone products. This fun … Explore


Emerald Pearl Granite Kitchen and Vanity Install

For homeowners who are seeking a cozy kitchen, Emerald Pearl Granite is a wonderful option. Due to its dark hues, Emerald Pearl Granite works well with walnut, white and medium oak cabinets. Our stone masons took extra care to finish this granite with a nice beveled edge on the island and perimeter kitchen tops providing both elegance and style.


Granite BBQ – Balwyn

jet-mist-granite-barbeque-benchtop Superbly installed Granite benchtop for this BBQ area in Balwyn. Contact Marella Granite & Marble  Call us or fill the form below:

Via Lactea Granite in Antique Finish

via-lectea-granite-antique-island-benchtop via-lectea-granite-in-antique-finish-island-benchtop via-lectea-granite-in-antique-finish-with-matching-cabinets via-lectea-granite-with-waterfall-ends The gorgeous Via Lectea Granite with 60mm square mitered edges grace this island Benchtop of this incredible Pascoe Vale kitchen. The Antique finish of this granite gave this kitchen a contemporary look and feel. The granite on the kitchen island is striking with colors of grey, white, and black. What a beautiful piece of ... Explore
Verona White Kitchen Benchtop Overview

Verona White Granite Kitchen Installation

Verona White Granite has unique sense of style and poise. This elements put together bring this kitchen a vibrant and elegant look. Our stone masons carefully crafted this natural wonder of a granite into something astonishing. We at Marella Granite and Marble are the most reputed suppliers of Natural stone in Melbourne. Our showroom is conveniently located in Thomastown just minutes from Dalton road exit on the Western ring road.

Charcoal Grey Granite Island Bench

Charcoal Grey Granite In Leather Finish

This Amazing Charcoal Grey Granite in leather finish brings glamour and elegance to this Eltham Residence. Leather or Antique finish granite’s are processed to give the customer the ultimate feel when touching the stone with its texture and great character. We at Marella Marble and Granite supply a wide variety of Natural stones to suit most residential and commercial properties. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of Granite and Marble in Melbourne and our experienced staff will guide you through the entire process to keep your stone shopping experience easy and unforgettable.

Snow White Granite Benchtop

Snow White Granite Barbecue Benchtop Install

Snow White Granite with Waterfall End Snow White Granite with Undermount Sink Snow White Granite Barbeque Benchtop Snow White Granite Benchtop Snow White Granite BBQ Bench Snow Granite BBQ Benchtop This Snow White Granite has been carefully tailored by our stonemasons to give this Barbecue a vibrant and classy appeal. We at Marella are one ... Explore
Black Galaxy Granite Benchtop Install

Black Galaxy Granite Barbeque Benchtop Installation

Finest Black Galaxy Granite in Melbourne Marella Granite and marble, the best granite and marble supplier in Melbourne, now offers a stunning range of Black Galaxy granite which largely enhances the style and aesthetics of your kitchen. Black Galaxy is pure black granite with golden specs in it. The preference for this natural stone mainly … Explore

Bianco Romano Granite Kitchen Benchtop Overview

Bianco Romano Granite Kitchen Installation

This beautiful eye catching granite was installed in Melbourne’s north by our expert stone masons. This Granite has given the kitchen a warm welcoming feel and has added a touch of elegance. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of granite benchtops in Melbourne, we have done variety of natural stone and engineered kitchen installations to match customer requirements and budget. Please visit our showroom in Thomastown to view our stock and our friendly staff will assist you with your enquiries.

Emerald Pearl Granite Island Bench

Emerald Pearl Granite Kitchen benchtop

Emerald Pearl is an exotic Norwegian granite. This being a natural stone is not only unique but also has enough strength to handle day to day activities in the kitchen. Granite is one of the most preferred natural stone options for kitchen benchtops throughout the world. We at Marella Granite and Marble take pride in being one of the most reputed suppliers of natural and engineered stone benchtops.

Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Granite Kitchen Benchtop Installation

Jet Mist Granite with vein matching waterfall Jet Mist Granite Kitchen Jet Mist Granite with waterfall ends Jet mist Granite Kitchen benchtop Simply Superb Granite Kitchen Top Yet another example of our outstanding Granite Kitchen Install. Our stone mason skills can be clearly seen in the way the granite has been vein matched for the ... Explore
River White Granite Kitchen Benchtop Install

Snow White Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Snow White Granite Kitchen Benchtop Install Snow White Granite Kitchen Benchtop Snow White Granite Benchtop with Waterfall End Snow White Granite Snow White Granite Slab This Snow White Granite installation has been completed by our expert stone masons with precision and poise. This Granite as you can see from the pictures has the ability to ... Explore
Black and White Granite Kitchen

Black & White Granite Kitchen Install

A beautiful example of a Black and White granite Kitchen Benchtop with waterfall ends and under mount sink cutouts for that added elegance and Luxury. Contact Marella Granite & Marble  Call us or fill the form below:
Bianco Rio Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Bianco Rio Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Bianco Rio granite has been an exotic addition to this well designed kitchen in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Customer`s taste has to be commended for marrying a lighter coloured granite like Bianco Rio to the dark cabinets to give an overall exotic appeal to the kitchen area. Granite kitchen benchtops not only are practical ... Explore
Kingfisher Granite with Waterfall end

Kingfisher Granite Antique Benchtop Install – Northcote Cafe

Kingfisher Granite is one of the few granite's which has a wonderfully unique colour and texture in leather form. This Granite slab has been meticulously fabricated and installed by our expert stone masons in this Northcote cafe, Melbourne. This utter most natural beauty has the appeal and glamour to give any Quartz stone rum for ... Explore
Black Cooper Granite Benchtop

Black Cooper Granite BBQ Installation

This Lavish outdoor area has been given an overhaul with the introduction of this new BBQ benchtop. Black Copper Granite has been selected and installed on this BBQ at an Eltham North Residence. The Granite selection has been spot on as it meticulously matches to the surroundings and has a style of its own which is ... Explore
Overview of the Oriental White Granite Kitchen

Oriental White Granite Kitchen Benchtop Install

This Oriental White Granite is one of a kind natural stone which replaced an existing Laminate benchtop to give a glorious visual appeal to this Kitchen in St Helena. Granite being a volcanic rock not only adds a rich and vibrant look to kitchen's but is also practical in terms of everyday use. Granite Kitchen Benchtops ... Explore
Jet Mist Honed Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Jet Mist Granite Kitchen Benchtop

This Jet Mist Honed Granite installation has been carefully fabricated and installed at a Werribee Home. Ravishing lines of this granite gave a unique yet subtle appearance to the white cabinets it has been married to. Waterfall ends on both sides of this gorgeous island bench is elegant and suits the kitchen remarkably well even ... Explore
Emerald Pearl Granite Vanity Top

Emerald Pearl Granite Kitchen Installation

This Emerald Pearl Granite Kitchen Benchtop and vanity installation at a Toorak Residence has been carefully crafted and installed by our expert stone masons. The combination of a dark stone top with white cupboards have been beautifully complimented by Carrara marble basins as you can see in the pictures. Installing a dark elegant Granite like Emerald ... Explore
Labrador Antique Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Labrador Antique Granite Benchtop Installation

The beauty of a Natural stone is simply superb with its unique character and vibrant colours.  This masterpiece Labrador Antique granite has its own way of saying that natural stone will never go out of fashion and will remain elegant and beautiful for years to come. This Granite benchtop has been installed with utmost care ... Explore
Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Jet Mist Granite Kitchen Benchtop Installation

Jet Mist Granite Kitchen Benchtop Installation Pics Jet Mist Granite Island Bench Jet Mist Granite Install Jet Mist Granite Granite Island with overhang Black & White Granite Install Clean install showing no creases Stylish Granite top with matching cabinets This Jet mist Granite has been installed in a Yarrambat residence, Granite Benchtops are the most ... Explore