Fire Places in Natural Stone

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Beautiful Stone Fireplace Hearths for your home

Hearths and fireplaces have always been an integral part of homes since forever. It is the place where families would gather, and spend time together while ensconced in warmth and comfort. Not much has changed today, and the fireplace hearths continues to be a cherished feature in Melbourne homes.

Natural stone is one of the most preferred materials to build a hearth fireplace, and its surround stone. Not only is it extremely durable and functional, but it also lends a timeless and unique allure to any indoor space. These Natural Stone hearths are also very efficient in retaining heat and dissipating it evenly across the room. A stone fireplace can instantly transform the vibe of the room, and can make it feel a lot more inviting.

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    Marella Granite & Marble has a wide range of fireplace stones for building the perfect hearth. Granite is a popular choice for hearths. Its sheer beauty and practicality, combined with affordability make it a very good stone for a hearth fireplace and for fireplace surround as well. It is also versatile, and can be used for wood, gas as well as electric fires. You could choose from different colours, patterns and textures, with polished or unpolished finishing. The number of possibilities is quite huge when it comes to granite fireplace hearths, and this is what makes it a favourite among home owners and interior designers alike. Marble, Dolomites and Quartzites are other alternatives for fireplace hearth stone.

    If you would like to have a fireplace stone hearth, we can help you find the perfect stone. Our stones are sourced from quarries across the world. You could choose to check out our selection of stones online, or you could even walk into our showroom at Thomastown, VIC to experience different stone options for fireplace hearths at wholesale pricing. Our experts can help you select a suitable stone, keeping your décor and budget in mind. Once you make a stone selection for your fireplace, you can organise delivery of the stone to your preferred stonemason to have it fabricated and installed (Delivery fees apply).

    Building a hearth with stone might seem like a tall order initially. But we are confident that once you do invest what it takes to build one, you will not regret it and we would love to be a part of adding more warmth to your home.

    *Please note that we only supply material and do not provide fabrication or installation services