Four Different Uses of Granite in Your Home

When it comes to the most common yet precious natural rocks, Quartzite cannot be kept off the list.

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Four Different Uses of Granite in Your Home

Among the hardest natural stones available, granite is widely preferred for its aesthetic appeal and durability. This is partly the reason why it is also an excellent investment in home renovations and decor. Granites come in different finishes and are available in numerous forms and colours.

Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, or a homeowner, you can find just the right granite slab to suit your needs. As proud Granite wholesale suppliers ourselves, we believe granite can be put to use in several innovative ways. Here are some of the most practical applications of granite in your home renovations and refurbishments.

Kitchen Benchtops

In the kitchen, granite countertops are largely favoured. This is because granite is high on durability and low on maintenance. Not just that, it’s also remarkably easy to clean and is scratch, heat and acid resistant.

Be it a contemporary kitchen or a modern one, a single granite stone benchtop can easily give a refreshing and elegant facelift.

Oxford White Granite Honed

Bathroom Sinks and Vanity Tops

Many interior designers prefer granite as their material of choice, when it comes to redoing bathroom sinks and vanity tops. Thanks to being moisture resistant, granite does a great job of minimising bacteria in the damp areas of the bathroom.

Basins and even baths fashioned out of granite are also easy to furnish and be crafted in different styles such as modern, pedestal, and undermount to name a few.

As Granite stone suppliers in Melbourne we can suggest the best recommended slabs for your bathware. Such recommendations from expert granite suppliers in Melbourne can make all the difference to your choice.

Landscape Design

Granite is a versatile stone, and finds various applications in landscaping as well. Its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, coupled with its natural aesthetic makes it a beautiful choice for gardens and backyards. When used in its raw, natural form, granite’s non-slip and scratch-resistant nature makes it ideal for driveways and patios, among other aspects of home exteriors. It is also worth mentioning that these additions may also enhance the resale value of your home.

Granite Feature Walls

What is really exciting is the fact that you could have a custom designed feature walls to complement your style and decor. The possibilities are truly endless, and whether used for entryways or on the walls as backsplashes, they add a distinct appeal to your decor.

All in all, granite is an excellent natural stone that can be utilised across all levels of home design. With its versatile features and natural look and feel, granite can be considered an ideal choice for anyone that wants to make that bold statement without going overboard.

Marella Granite and Marble is a leading wholesale supplier of Granite Slabs and Tiles in Melbourne and offers a variety of stunning granite slabs. We also deal in exquisite and hard-to-find granites at economical prices. To learn more, please get in touch with our team at (03) 9077 5880.

Note : Granite being a hard natural stone it is still highly recommended to have them sealed with a good quality natural stone sealer. This is a great way of protecting your beautiful Natural Stone for years to come.

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