Four Different Uses Of Marble Stones In Home Design

When it comes to the most common yet precious natural rocks, Quartzite cannot be kept off the list.

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Four Different Uses Of Marble Stones In Home Design

Thanks to its beauty and versatility, marble stones have long been used for elevating the aesthetics of home interiors. Not only is marble a strong material but is also available in multiple colours. In this way marble can be designed to suit multiple options across every room from the living room to kitchen benchtops, vanities, TV Units & Fire Places.

Aside from marble benchtops, here’s some uses of marble slabs and tiles you should definitely consider for your next renovation or new build projects to give a bold statement.

Bespoke Marble Flooring

Like granite, travertine, and limestone, marble is always a staple choice for flooring. They’re aesthetically pleasing and can be used to create a grand, welcoming atmosphere.

When picking marble tiles for flooring, ensure you pick symmetrical patterns to give an even look across the board. If you want to get creative you can also mix and match different shapes and colours to bring an intriguing aesthetic. You can even take it further by opting for custom stone inlays to give an even dramatic look to your floors.

Picturesque Exterior Wall Cladding

Using marble as a cladding material for your exteriors can work wonders for your outer walls and overall home design. Marble stone cladding adds a richer and deeper dimensional texture to your walls.

When choosing marble, it’s best to decide the effect you want to bring out. You can either go with the layered effect by placing the pieces in a horizontal fashion. Or, clad in different colours to make it look more artistic. If you aren’t sure, you can always consult your marble supplier. Reputed marble suppliers in Melbourne can help make the right choice for you.

Clean Kitchen Splashback

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Melbourne

Marbles can also be used as a Splashback in your kitchen to make them look more fresh, clean, and sophisticated. The idea is to use marble slabs of more cooler or warmer shades.

You can start by simply using two or multiple sets of different colours to create a mosaic backsplash. Or a custom pattern to go with your overall kitchen interiors.

Elegant Home Furnishing Accessories

Marble Furniture Melbourne

Another excellent way to blend marble in your home is by investing in stylish yet cost-effective furnishings made of marble.

Rather than having a contemporary table or benchtop, you can simply replace them with marble ware furniture, for e.g. dining room table with marble tops. You can similarly jazz up your bath ware in the bathroom or bedside lamps in the bedroom.

Experimenting with different accessories across different rooms is sure to bring a distinct vibe to your home.

Given the aesthetic and durable qualities of marble, it can be used to work across a range of interiors and exteriors. By working with a number of different shades, colours, and textures you can thus find multiple ways of utilising marble to spruce up your home in endless ways.

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