Quartzite – The Wonderstone: Uses, Properties, and More

When it comes to the most common yet precious natural rocks, Quartzite cannot be kept off the list.

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Quartzite - The Wonderstone: Uses, Properties, and More

When it comes to the most common yet precious natural rocks, Quartzite cannot be kept off the list. It is a metamorphic rock in nature, and it is formed when pure quartz sandstone undergoes the right amount of pressure and heat. Naturally, a quartzite stone exists in the white to grey colour spectrum. However, you can find appealing pink and red shades too depending on the concentration of iron oxide in the stone. Moreover, several other impurities present in the stone can also give it many eye-catching shades such as orange, yellow, blue, or green. Certainly a treat to natural stone lovers, isn’t it?

This definitive guide to quartzite helps us come home to all its distinguished properties. On top of that, it also helps us understand the uses of this diverse stone beyond the construction industry. Get ready to explore the best of quartzite and quartzite suppliers, and bring your favorite stone to the best use.

Understanding the properties of Quartzite

While most people mistake the quartzite stone as simply marble or granite, or sometimes a hybrid of the two, it has numerous unique characteristics. Here are some of the properties of quartzite that can help you understand this wondrous natural stone better:

  • Hardness: The quartzite stone rates relatively high on the hardness scale. It is this quality that makes it suitable for use in the construction sector and as a railway ballast. It has a heavy concentration of quartz, giving it the desirable hardness.
  • Resistance to Acid: The stone shows high resistance to acid. Unlike several other stones, it does not change colour when subjected to citric acid or other acids.
  • Porous nature: Different varieties of quartzite show different levels of porosity. While some are extremely porous, the others might allow very little permeability. The uses of quartziteare often decided depending on the levels of porosity.
  • Resistance to heat: The stone’s admirable resistance to heat turns it into an ideal outdoor construction material. This is why it is always given due consideration in architectural projects. It not only brings functional decor choices, but also brings with it a visual charm that is undeniable.
  • Durability: Considering how strong the quartzite stone is, it is known to stand all weather challenges and other forces with immense durability.

Exploring the uses of Quartzite

The uses of quartzite are wide-ranging and rightfully so. This beautiful stone finds its name among the most popular natural stones and it is widely used in architecture, interior decoration and design, construction, as an abrasive, in the jewelry making industry, and also as a healing stone.

Another novel utility that the quartzite stone has recently found is with water embankments. It not only gives a desired look to these embankments, but also prevents soil erosion. Considering the versatility of the stone, you can choose it for a variety of tasks at hand. Your next natural stone purchase can make all the difference when you shop with the right natural stone supplier.

Finding quartzite in Melbourne is no longer a problem when you have Marella Granite & Marble by your side. All kinds of natural stones can now be found at the best prices and with uncompromising quality. If quartzite purchase has been on your mind for an upcoming project, you can rely on our team of experts to help you with the best choices of the stone. Moreover, you can also rely on them for all natural stone related advice. Considering how versatile and appeasing the quartzite stone is, both in appearance and functionality, it is a good choice to have it on your mind for the next dream project!


Quartzites are highly recommended Natural Stones for Kitchen benchtops, Splashbacks, Pantries, Laundry, Vanities, Fireplaces, BBQ`s, Feature Walls and many more places where your imagination takes you.

Quartzite is harder than Granite as its composition is predominantly quartz.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend you to seal all natural stone surfaces with a good quality impregnating sealer.

The Natural formation of Quartzites give their surfaces extreme hardness which in turn translates into durability and are extremely stain and scratch resistant.

Whilst both surfaces offer truly mesmerizing feel, The end decision comes to the personal choice. Some People like their products nice and shiny and some like to have a Honed/Satin/Matte finish.

Quartzites come in different colors like any other natural stone. Regardless of what color you like there is always a Natural Stone to match.

A lot people easily get confused by these two products, Quartzite is a Natural Stone quarried from various parts of the world whereas Quartz is an Engineered stone made by man.

In General, they are resistant to acids. However some blocks of quartzite can have traces of calcium carbonate which can cause localized etching if that particular section comes in contact with anything acidic. If cleaned in reasonable time, you can prevent the area from etching.

Quartzites are often exposed to immense heat and pressure while forming. As a result, natural gaps may form in certain spots or throughout. Known as fissures, these thin lines create intriguing patterns & color variation in the stone. But rest assured: they typically will not interfere with its integrity.

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