White Granite Slabs

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Some recent projects that we completed in White Granite Slabs

If you were to pick one colour that exudes timeless elegance, it would most certainly be white! Clean and minimalistic, white can instantly brighten up any space, and lend an aura of effortless modern chic. It is not surprising to see an increasing demand for white granite stone.

You would agree that granite is a pretty versatile stone, offering unmatched durability along with water, heat, stain and scratch resistance. Being resistant to acids and hard-wearing allows it to hold its own in practically any environment, be it indoor or outdoor, or even in high-traffic or moisture prone areas. Add to this the fact that it is easy to maintain, and you have a natural stone that can pretty much handle everything that comes its way! All of these make white granite stone an ideal choice for countertops or benchtops.

Not all white granite countertops are pristine white though. Most white granite stones and tiles feature a network of beautiful veining or speckles in colours such as grey, black and even rose pink or dark red against a white bedrock. This offers a wide palette of choice for those who wish to experiment with different white textures as part of their décor.

Marella Granite & Marble offers a wide range of high quality natural stones, and we are the preferred dealers for white granite tiles in Melbourne. We invite you to get in touch for any requirements for your upcoming projects. We will be able to source the type of stone you need. You are also welcome to visit our showroom in Thomastown, VIC to check out our current inventory.

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