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Diana Royal Marble features plenty subtle movement of various shades of muted beige, milky white , light grey and dark greys.

Diana Royal is a  dense, creamy stone with distinctive veining and quartz detail. Whilst the background colour is predominately cream this marble also contains beige, tan and grey tones which blend together to create a striking, swirled marble pattern. Occasional ivory and quartz veins create added interest to this popular marble tile. The polished surface of this stone will reflect the natural light of a room, giving a modern, elegant finish.

At Marella Granite & Marble, we expertise in selling Diana Royal Marble Slabs for kitchen benchtops, island bench, fireplace and bath vanities. Diana Royal Marble benchtop is a timeless beauty and will definitely improve the overall aesthetics of your home. We sell premium quality Diana Royal Marble at wholesale prices direct to public. Our Diana Royal Marble is directly imported from Turkey (Not from Asia) and hence we get the best quality available.

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Some recent projects where our exclusive Marble slabs were used

Fantasy Brown Granite Kitchen

Medusa Quartzite Kitchen Install

Medusa is one of the few available quartzites with subtle colours through it to match any environment. Stone is only half the story but the way it has been crafted to perfection gives it that elegant poise. This Kitchen in Bundoora has been graced with this beautiful natural stone with its vibrant colours.

Marble Island with waterfall ends

Super Grey Marble Kitchen and Laundry Benchtop Installation

Super Grey Marble is a standout and can make any kitchen look glorious with its appeal. Our stone masons carefully crafted this glorious marble to give this Eltham home a unique and vibrant look. Super Grey is one of those marbles which can match any kitchen surroundings. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of marble and stock wide variety of natural stone.

Miele Italian Honed Marble

Miele Honed Marble Kitchen Benchtop

Italian Marbles have always been adding elegance, Luxury and flare to homes all across the globe with their unique quality and looks. This kitchen is no exception given this Italian Honed Marble has blended so well with the surroundings. Marble Benchtops are one of a kind and being a natural stone will never be out of fashion. If you looking to have your kitchen renovated or building a new home the one place stop for all your Marble and Granite benchtop needs will be Marella. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of Marble and Granite Benchtops in Melbourne and our friendly staff will assist you in making a good decision.

Carrara Marble Kitchen Overview

Carrara Marble Kitchen and Island Bench installation

This unique Carrara Marble has added sophistication and elegance to this Kitchen and all our praise goes to our stonemasons who took extreme care and effort in vein matching and installing the benchtops. Marble benchtops have always been a thing of luxury and are one of the most desirable Natural stone tops throughout Australia. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of Marble slabs in Melbourne and our showroom is located in Thomastown.

New York Marble Reception Desk

New York Marble Reception Front Desk

New York Marble is one of the most desired marble when it comes to residential and commercial building requirements. With its unique and mesmerizing lines on white back ground will give any area a much needed modern finish. Choosing the right Natural stone is only half the story, the rest lies with the stone mason who delivers the end product and no doubt our stone mason with his excellent workmanship will deliver an end product which will put a smile on any customers face. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of Marble, Granite and other Natural stones in Melbourne.


Pearl White Dolomite

This fun kitchen utilizes multiple colors and materials. The Pearl white Marble is a good contrast to the polished Jet Mist granite. The colour of the cabinets and the floor married to the stone tops bring vibrancy to the room. We at Marella Granite and Marble supply a wide variety of Natural Stone products.

White Marble Benchtops Melbourne

White Marble Benchtop Installation

The fine greys and whites of Milan White Marble adds touch of elegance to this kitchen. The center island is a great work area, and creates a breakfast bar perfect for families. White cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and the marble spashback complete the clean look. We are one of the most reputed Marble and Granite suppliers in Melbourne. We also have a huge variety of Quartz stone products to suit most of our customer requirements.

Newyork Marble suppliers Melbourne

Ravishing Beauty – Newyork Marble

This ravishing beauty with its lightning bolt lines add power to this kitchen. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of Newyork Marble in Melbourne and have a wide variety of patterns to suit most customers. Our Natural Stone collection includes Marble, Granite, Bluestone, Travertine and many more. Please visit our showroom in Thomastown to look various Natural and Engineering stone products.

Diana Royal Marble Melbourne

Diana Royal Marble

This Modern kitchen is light and inviting. Soft lights illuminate a multi layered island of Diana Royal Marble with a 60 mm Square Edge. Steel appliances blend naturally with the stone giving this ultra modern kitchen a unique yet elegant appeal. We are one of the most reputed suppliers of Marble in Melbourne. We also stock a wide variety of natural stone products including Marble, Granite, Bluestone and Travertine.

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